Professional Vector Art Digitizing

Do you have a bitmap image, photo, logo, or an imaginary design that you want to use on web or screen print?

If Yes, Then you need a Vector image. The highly skilled designers for vector art digitizing, at The Digitizing Shop, converts a raster (ordinary picture) image to an advanced Vector format. The Vector Art will give a sharp and clear version of your image making it easier to use in any size and form of promotional materials. Whether you are printing a banner or making a flyer for online use, Vector Art conversion is always a feasible solution. At The Digitizing Shop, we provide you the high quality Vector Art conversion at the most affordable rates. Every art conversion is done manually and not automated to get the tiniest details clearly. Our experts’ works on latest programming applications like Corel Draw, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop and more.

We give you the Camera Ready File in the following formats







Our Artwork

Vector Art Specializations

  • Vector Tracing

  • Drop Shadow

  • Image Retouching

  • Colour Correction

  • Background Alteration or Removal

  • Artwork Mock up on the material

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